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Leader Biomedical | Blueman

Product Portfolio


Adcon Gel

  • adhesion control and prevention


Hyalosyn Gel

  • deferring osteoarthritis
  • indicated for all synovial joints


OssGro synthetic bone grafts

  • supporting guided bone regeneration
  • osteotomy
  • produced with MBCP Technology


Ossfinity synthetic bone putty

  • supporting guided bone regeneration
  • produced with MBCP Technology


C-ment PMMA bone cement and accessories

  • hip and knee surgeries
  • International ISO 5833 Standard
  • VarioPlug, cement mixing set, pulse lavage


X-Grip System

  • ACL reconstruction

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Leader Biomedical | Spine Intervention Solutions

Adcon Gel

Providing a physical barrier to intertissue adhesions

Adcon Gel

Hyalosyn Gel

Deferring osteoarthritis with HA injections

Hyalosyn Gel
Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement


C-ment PMMA bone cement with and without Gentamicin in low and standard viscosities